Why the Infamous Trump Dossier Was not Politically Motivated

It is not about fabrication: The firm behind the dossier had contradicted Trump’s claims six times.

It was not politically castigated. And it was not in any way meant to smear President Trump.

That is what Fusion GPS co-founder explained to the Congress when he was questioned about a dossier his company had produced at a time when presidential campaigns were at their top gear. Glenn Simpson, a former reporter of Wall Street Journal, was forced to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his research that had been posted on a new site, and that it was Hilary Clinton’s campaign that had paid for it to continue. Ultimately, the dossier suggested that Trump’s campaign had colluded with Russia, something that Trump had publicly denied on several occasions. It is also something that neither the Congress nor the Special Counsel has been able to rule out.

Despite the fact that Republicans are claiming that the dossier was politically castigated, Dianne Feinstein, a Senate Democrat, has released the final transcript, without the support of Republicans, on Tuesday.

The Fix which occupies close to 300 pages of the whole transcript brings the evidence that contradicts what Trump and Republicans have been narrating.

1. Researchers were open-ended but still, they unmasked how Trump is connected to Russia. Simpson uncovered how they made a decision to approach the FBI with Christopher Steele who was assisting him to do the research.

The aim of this was to see if they could get more information about Trump business dealings with Russia.

The Russia investigation began with a distracted FBI and Wiki Leaks.

How this contradicts Republicans and Trump claims: Trump had gone ahead to accuse the research company said it had colluded with FBI and Democrats to find something to destroy his reputation.

2. The FBI confirmed that it had believed the information that was in the memos: this was after Steele and Simpson called the FBI informing them that they had all the evidence to show that Trump colluded with Russia to win the elections. Steele was requested to give all the details he had by the FBI. Several months later after Steele gave the evidence; the FBI confirmed that it had believed him, according to Simpson. This contradicts Trump’s side who believe that the investigation was used for convenience by the FBI.

3. Simpson confirmed that the Trump campaign trail was eagerly waiting to get details from Russia.

4. Steele was a former British spy and thus the credibility of the dossier he authored.

5. Fusion GPS does not receive any funding from Russia or Democrats as the Trump’s side have been arguing

Fusion GPS is a commercial business run by retired journalists who take customers from the two sides of political divide.