What Happened When Karl And Jasmine Tied The Knot

The long-anticipated wedding of TV showman Karl Stefanovic and the beautiful Jasmine Yarbrough was something straight out of Hollywood.

It was celebrated, under a wedding marquee supplied by Perth Marquee Hire in sunny Western Australia. It was in the resort’s One&Only Chapel that they took their vows in front of a delighted audience of 200 guests who then applauded and approved of the ceremony.

When the fans got their hands on a treasure trove of photographs, many amazing and unexpected incidents were expected to have taken place. After the vows, the guests rejoiced, drank and celebrated under a stunning space-age marquee that was hoisted up on the beach during the party.

The beautiful, dazzling Jasmine Yarbrough was dressed to kill in a bespoke gown by Jess Andreatta. Guests and, most importantly, the bridegroom himself would have swooned at that racy hemline and the detachable skirt. The gown was awash with colours deserving to be captured in celluloid. Subtle undertones of soft blush were contrasted with striking Aztec motifs that were hand-stitched with lace. The overall effect reeked of an authentic Mexican fragrance with a hint of luxurious style.

While Stefanovic himself looked dashing as he always does, special mention should go to the army of bridesmaids. Yarbrough’s high school mates Sarah Johnson, Sophie Pentland, Jimilla Houghton, Stoj Bulic and Georgie Fleming made for a pretty impressive ensemble, as did her sister Jade and business partner Tamie Ingham. They were all dressed to the nines in black floor-length outfits by Rachel Glibert.

Among the guests who had come to attend the wedding, there were some notable names from the world of reality TV. Della Muscat, who had been a contestant of My Kitchen Rules was there with former skateboarder and sports broadcaster Corbin Harris. Montana Cox, an up-and-coming model, also grabbed eyeballs among the guests. Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was there too, as were Stefanovic’s co-anchors Richard Wilkins and Sylvia Jeffreys. It was slightly disconcerting, however, to find some stray socialites like Kyle Sandilands, James Packer and Alan Jones wandering out amidst the crowd of guests.

The guests had all been accommodated luxuriously at the Hilton Los Cabos. They were all geared up for all occasions that warranted fun and adventure on the beach. Some of them were even confused to the point of thinking out aloud that there would be special and exclusive concierge transport services to take them to the other special events planned for the wedding. This even indicated the frenzy that all these wedding guests shared with each other on this particular day.

A Studio 54 party was also, reportedly, one of the highlights of the celebratory weekend of the wedding. Many men, among the guests, had also pulled out their white tuxedos and suits to be ready for shaking their legs and having a really cool time. Some of the guests were ready to rock and roll like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Now whether they actually did it remains to be found out.