Using Wigs in the Fight Against Cancer

The Craigie family has taken an initiative to purchase for Dorothy, who is their mother. As a result of going through chemotherapy treatment, Dorothy has lost her hair. According to William, who is her son, she is suffering from a malignant tumor affecting her lungs.

Using their go-fund-me campaign, the family is optimistic they will be able to raise $1,000. This should be able to buy 3 or more wigs.

Dorothy is very sensitive about how her hair looks. This made her feel very bad when she lost her hair according to William’s statement

The diagnosis having been done in the later parts of last year, the family has had to go through trying times handling the situation. The family has been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The family schedules who drives Dorothy to the hospital that is located in Tamworth for her treatment. The trip takes 3 hours.

Given the amount of time each session of chemotherapy takes(3 days), Dorothy has had to be away from her family members. This is devastating to Dorothy since the situation prevents her from spending time with her grandchildren whom she loves very much.

She has undergone two sessions already and chemotherapy. Dorothy still has eight. Moreover, she will still receive radiation.

The chemotherapy is effective in fighting the tumor that is cancerous. However, it is also affecting the number of white blood cells in Dorothy’s blood.

At the same time, her immune system is not very strong. She is, thus, prone to getting a cold.

According to William, her mother has been very strong and has endured as she undertakes the treatments required. However, the loss of her hair was very difficult for her to accept.

The reality that she had cancer hit her very hard when one day she woke up and found that she had
lost her hair and the hair was lying on her pillow as well as on the floor.

The trips to the hospital were also affecting her. The chemotherapy, as well as the movement to and from Tamworth and Moree, lead to fatigue.

The treatment process has been overwhelming to the family. Dorothy upholds the values of honesty and love. She is also very passionate about her family.

In the words of William, she is a grandmother of 8. The eldest being 20 years old and the youngest is one-and-a-half.

As a result of the tender age, the grandchildren cannot comprehend what is going on. However, they had started inquiring why their grandmother was losing her hair. ‘ I inform them that she is sick, but the hair will grow again’, William said.

Kirstie Havan McKenzie, William’s partner persuades the public to visit the go-fund-me page and make their contribution.

‘The family is going through a hard time. The money is being raised to enable us to purchase a real hair wig for Dorothy. Regardless of the amount you are able to donate, the family will appreciate’