Try these 12 New Grooming Tips in 2018

In the New Year 2018, you will want to look better than the previous years. In this case, you should take your grooming practice to the next level. Here are sure fire tips to keep you afloat in 2018;

#1. Be natural

In the year 2017, most of the celebrities shaved off their locks to move to buzz cuts. However, such cuts may put you in an awkward look. In this case, you should not try to have a tight haircut in this New Year.

#2. Apply more oil

In the year 2018, you should consider using more face oil as they are more beneficial to your body. However, you should try to use oils that are derived naturally.

#3. Experiment with your facial hair

Well-groomed facial hair can be very valuable to any man. In this case, you should try different styles, lengths and products. Also, you may read about beard-growing guide.

#4. Go for double cleanse

To achieve best results, you should consider using both oil-based and water-based cleanser. Try it for one week and you will get amazing results.

#5. Use skin care supplements

You should think of ingesting supplements that are meant for skin care. Collagen powder mixed with post-workout protein smoothie is perfect for your skin.

#6. Know the ingredients

You may want to buy products that are Non-GMO, Sulphate Free or Paraben Free. Therefore, you should consider products that are made of natural ingredients.

#7. Avoid razor burns

Having razor burns is the most disgusting thing. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a trimmer that has smaller head to in order to reach places below your neck.

#8. Groom your feet

Taking good care of your feet include moisturizing, grinding the calluses or trimming your toenails. You may also want to trim your toe hair. This will give you confidence to wear sandals.

#9. Use sheet masks

Paper masks are soaked with serum and covered on the face for few minutes. They quickly penetrate the skin and provide vital nutrients and minerals.

#10. Consult facial experts

Visit a professional at least once a month to correct the facials issues. Within no time your face will be glowing with beauty.

#11. Use fragrance

A good fragrance will express your personality. You may consider using fragrances that have sandalwood, bergamot, and woodsy smoke as their ingredient.

#12. Detox your skin

Pile up of waste products on your skin can cause pimples and other blemishes. In this case, you should use ingredients such as charcoal to absorb the toxins. This ingredient is available in sheet masks and many shampoos.