Trump’s DACA changes blocked by courts

Since his assumption into the office of the president, Donald Trump has been trying to every means possible to lure his administration to pass a policy that will lead to the deportation of all immigrants in the USA who are not documented as a legitimate citizen. Since many human rights organizations were concerned about this issue, On Tuesday it forced one of the federal judges in San Francisco to issue a national wide notice that was meant to block the government from ending the program.
Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, announced that there was a decision that was made to end the program by September 5 and not would be allowed to renew the permit after 5 of October.

Many of the beneficiaries of the DACA program have revealed that ending the program will make them suffer in their lifetime. Initially before the introduction of the DACA program immigrants who came to America as children used to find life challenging as there limited jobs that they were allowed to do. After the program was introduced life became somehow easy for them as they were even allowed to work in very big firms.
Many of the beneficiaries also revealed that Trump disobeyed the law deciding to end the law as many would suffer by being deported back to their countries, forced to drop out of school and even leave the jobs they are doing.
According to experts, California estate is known to consist of more than 200 people in the DACA program. An expert by the name Becerra once said that this program refers to the affirmation that all people are under the law. He also said that when the president of the USA Donald Trump tried to reject the DACA program, he and his administration were trying to break the law.

Also Devin OMalley the spokesman of the justice department once said that the government does not have the power to alter the department position in regard that DACA was undermining the policies of the Congress. The decision that the government took in ending the DACA program led to various reactions from some Republicans and the Democrats. This also has led to a serious battle between the congress and the white house over passing rules and regulations that would enable the DACA members to stay in the USA forever. The DACA recipients hope that they will one day get that opportunity not harassed by anybody from the government.