Toby’s Inlet Estate: Ideal Retirement Lifestyle for Over 55’s

Every person would love to retire peacefully and in a friendly environment. If you are looking for a lifestyle village for yourself or for a loved one, consider Toby’s Inlet Estate. Toby’s Inlet Estate is a retirement village located in Dunsborough. Located at 6 Countess Link, the retirement facility is offering several retirement homes for sale this year. If you are a senior or retiree who is looking for the opportunity to downsize, Toby’s Inlet Estate is definitely your best bet.

Why Toby’s Inlet Estate?
For seniors and retirees like the Raynors, moving into a retirement home in the village is one of the best choices they have ever made. The Raynors, for instance, sold their property in the Swan Valley at Belhus and moved into Toby’s Inlet Estate. The home also comes with a study. The couple loves the fact that the village has a private-estate vibe to it. They were also attracted to the village’s streetscape, complete with its jacaranda-lined entrances.

Just like the Raynors, the village’s residents enjoy the convenience which Toby’s Inlet Estate. The village is in close proximity to basic facilities such as medical and shopping facilities. The village is also home to a community centre which has a bowling space, a gym, and a library. The library not only has books but also DVDs which members can borrow from time to time. The community centre also has a heated indoor pool and enough changing room for residents. By all means, the village provides one of the best living options for both seniors and retirees.

One of the reasons why residents are attracted to the homes at Toby’s Inlet Estate is because of their furnishings and modern facilities. The 168 homes feature two or three-bedroom accommodation options. Larger homes also come with a garage space. The good news is that the homes are also pet-friendly.

Set in a peaceful part of Dunsborough, Toby’s Inlet Estate provides privacy and security for all its residents. Every home has a well-maintained backyard and a spacious patios with both indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities. The doorways are wheelchair-friendly too.

The community at Toby’s Inlet Estate is not only friendly, but close-knit. If you are looking for a vibrant retirement life, Toby’s Inlet Estate offers more than an average retirement home living experience. Residents are always ready to engage in fun activities are the community centre. Some residents have already established lasting friendships with their neighbours at Toby’s Inlet Estate.

Whats Next?
If you are looking for a suitable retirement home for yourself or a loved one, Toby’s Inlet Estate could be what you are looking for. The homes range from $310 000 to about $450 000 each. In order to view your prospective home, you can book an appointment with Senior Own Real Estate Sales Associate.