Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair

Nobody in Hollywood experiments with hair as much as Jake Gyllenhaal, well there are others who do but don’t come close to looking as good as Jake Gyllenhaal does. Jake has all men green with envy and ladies drooling over how good he looks with any hair cut he chooses to rock, and let’s not start talking about his beard. Over the years, he has changed his look so many times, granted most of them were for a movie role, but guy knows how to own every single look he is given. He started off with the creepy indoor kid hair in the movie Donnie Darko. The hair was unkempt, greasy and all over the forehead. This hairstyle was meant to be of a careless, nerdy adolescent but Jake owned it and made it look pretty hot.

This look by Jake is responsible for taking hot nerd to whole new level. He then shocked us by drop dead gorgeous he looked while almost bald in Jarhead. The clean cut proved to the world that Jake was not just about the hair because he was extremely attractive without it, it left some of us thinking that he should stay bald forever, but we know Jared better than that.

After that he has taken us through a rollercoaster of hairstyles but it was the 2013 when he came out with a bun. Yes a real hair bun. Everyone was caught off guard by this look but most importantly by how he still managed to look masculine in this rather feminine look. No other man can pull off a bun like Jake. He is now more into long hair styles thanks to this look. The one thing that is clear with Jake Gyllenhaal is that when it comes to the hair department he has no problem at all, he can shave off all his hair today and in a few his hair will be long and thick again, this gives him room to experiment with hair as much as he wants to.

Granted there are other celebrities who are more daring when it comes to hairstyles like Zain Malik who dared to dye his hair pink or Bradley Cooper whose hairstyles we can hardly keep up with. But what sets Jake apart is that his is a combination of both hair and beard. Indeed when it comes to hair, this is Jake Gyllenhaal’s world and we just live in it.