France’s Deneuve denounces #Metoo campaign

99 French women together with actress Catherine Deneuve have denounced the recent backlash targeting men which was influenced by scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. They said that the #MeToo campaign which was about sexual harassment purely amounts to “hatred for men” and can be compared to “Puritanism”

After the scandal involving the US movie producer, women numbering to millions decided to showcase their grievances relating to sexual harassment in social media using the #MeToo hashtag. In France they also used #balancetonporc and #SquealOnYourPig hashtags.

What about the #MeToo Hashtag?

Women in thousands are now using the social media platform to share their stories of how they have been sexually harassed using the #MeToo hashtag. In the Le Monde daily, one of the famous stars in screen Deneuve who is now 74 years old and the other 100 women stated that there was need to send those men who harass women to the slaughterhouse so as to show them that they are enemies when it comes to sexual freedom.

They said that their campaign was a form of “Puritanism” and the right of men to annoy women can be a part when it comes to sexual freedom.

The French Minister, Marlene Schiappa who is involved in hunting down those who cause violence against women stated that there was need to relook on matters that have to do with sexual harassment here in France. France proud itself as a country that is rich in romance and seduction hence this issue needs not to be there.

Ms Marlene had to start a drive to enforce a new law that will help fight street sexual harassment and to fully stipulate on what rape entails on minors.

Protesters who were in Paris in late October had to disrupt the unleashing of the Roman Polanski’s work because there was allegation that the film director had rape allegations.