Chloe Ferry reveals surgically improved assets

Chloe Ferry recently flaunted her surgically improved assets in a skimpy little dress, as she met Sam Gowland, and her four new cast mates for the filming of Geordie Shore’. According to Perth Plastic Surgeon Dr Guy Watts, Ferry has undergone breast augmentation, liposuction and butt implants.

Previously, the duo was incredibly popular for their wild nights at Tyneside since the early 2011. And guess what? The cast didn’t seem to disappoint us, as they went on towards Newcastle for filming an unbelievably rowdy night-out at the Jalou Night Club this Saturday.

23-year old Ferry amped up the party in her brown bodycon mini dress, perfectly accentuated with a bandeau neckline. Teaming up her skimpy dress with thigh-long snakeskin boots, the oldest member of the film’s current cast could hardly contain her surgically improved assets.

Interestingly, Ferry went for minimal accessories with her look. Unlike others, she just wore a fancy watch, letting all the attention focus on her heavily well-done face. The glamour queen lived up to her classic Newcastle style, by wearing chunky eyelash extensions, and a heavy layer of foundation. Her well-pencilled eyebrows were equally attractive.

Two new beauties joined the cast of this famous multi-starrer. The brunette and blonde stars matched up to the oomph of the leading lady. In case you’re wondering who they are, these ladies are none other than 21-year old Tahlia Chung, and Ibiza Weekender glamour queen Bethan Kershaw. The latter had a relatively brief appearance in this show when she went out with H=Gaz Beadle after a famous house party in 2017.

Bethan managed to perfectly live up to Chloe’s oomph in her snakeskin dress and black heels. Her look was tad quirkier with her edgy nose-ring. Tahlia wasn’t any less in her purple lingerie and denim miniskirt. However, the raven-haired superstar looked slightly off as she wore a support cast along her wrist.

Yet another leading stunner was Natalie Philips, the ex-girlfriend of Sophie Gradon. The 28 year olf Natalie dated the 32 year old Sophie for around eight months. But the two didn’t have a happy way, as they soon ended up parting ways almost a month before the late Miss Great Britain got popular along the famous Love Island (2016).

The cast was seen to get on pretty well, as the regulars of Series 18, namely, Faith Mullen, Holly Hagan and Adam Guthrie weren’t spotted. The trio seemed to be pretty comfortable in their perfectly classy attire.

Sam Gowland, the boyfriend of Chloe Ferry joined the girls. This love Island series III star flaunted his well-inked guns with a perfectly camouflaged T-shirt, and a pair of ripped skinny jeans.

Sophie Kasaei also joined the crowd in her laced-up black ensemble with pretty little details. Among the boys, we could spot 27 year old Nathan Henry in a black t-shirt that read rash’. With tattooed Beau Brennan, this isn’t really quite new for the girls. Fully inked from neck to toe, Beau will surely get your pulses racing in his baggy white shirt, and super tight jeans. As of now, MailOnline has contacted a representative for Geordie Shore for a comment regarding the upcoming arrivals.