Saturday, September 25, 2021
You are going to read all about Karl Stefanovic’s personal life and all about his divorce. According to Klimek & Wijay Family Lawyers Perth, his divorce kind of became the talk of the town that he himself started to wonder as to why his divorce alone was considered so big. He wanted to end up the relationship which lasted for 21 years. his wife was Cassandra Thorburn. The couple decided on their divorce in 2016 and it was finalized a year later.
Chloe Ferry recently flaunted her surgically improved assets in a skimpy little dress, as she met Sam Gowland, and her four new cast mates for the filming of Geordie Shore’. According to Perth Plastic Surgeon Dr Guy Watts, Ferry has undergone breast augmentation, liposuction and butt implants.
99 French women together with actress Catherine Deneuve have denounced the recent backlash targeting men which was influenced by scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. They said that the #MeToo campaign which was about sexual harassment purely amounts to “hatred for...

Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair

Nobody in Hollywood experiments with hair as much as Jake Gyllenhaal, well there are others who do but don’t come close to looking as good as Jake Gyllenhaal does. Jake has all men green with envy and ladies drooling...

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