When you want the most exclusive news coverage that is independent and free from any interference, Zac Power is the place to get it. We are the home of independent journalism in Australia and promise to give you an inside word on what is going on in the country and beyond its borders.

Zac Power is divided into two main arms which are the website and a daily subscription service we call the Zac Power Insider.

The website is where you can find news content that you can rely on to keep you informed. You will also find links to stories in different parts of the website. By combining many sources, the editors here are able to bring you the best news items. You will find each newsworthy story right here on the Zac Power website. Visit it daily and it will give you a daily dose of information from news researched and written better than other sources and exclusive news.

The Zac Power Insider is all about providing you with inside information. This is only available to subscribers who will get mail in their inbox with the latest stories. You can expect to find reviews, gossip, tips, news and analysis on different subjects. Anything from politics to law to business to international affairs can be covered in the 25 plus original stories that will be reaching the subscribers’ inbox every weekday. Be sure to subscribe and look through your inbox every Monday through Friday at around lunch hour and the insider news will be there for your perusal.

It is important to note that insider stories are also published on the Zac Power website but they remain locked and inaccessible until you subscribe or register for a free trial.

Our mission

Zac power aims at bringing its readers information on what is going on in the world of sports, government, media, arts, business, politics and all other aspects of life in Australia. You will find news on what only a few know and what it really is like to take a deep and inside look into different subjects.

When you want to know what the powerful are up to, we will inform you. We give you information that you would never have known relying on other news sources. We dig deep and travel far and wide to find the information where it is and compile it to create unique news pieces. We are a professional journalism firm that encourages good journalism without spreading any malicious information that is aimed at harming others. Individual’s privacies are not invaded because we believe everyone has a right to privacy. If that privacy, however, interferes with a public figure’s work or public relation, we will be the first to inform you.

Zac Power is here to provide you with unbiased news that will leave you informed. We operate independently and hence you can trust that what you hear from us is not distorted to favor any side. We are very transparent about the source of our news and will inform you when a story is from an unverified source.

We will tell you what other media will not.